Pigtail catheter placement Pigtail catheter placement for pneumothorax evacuation
King tube exchange for ETT Training of King tube exchange for an endotracheal tube
Intraosseous line placement Intraosseous line placement using EZ-IO drill
IJ Line placement Internal jugular vein central venous catheter placement training
Arterial line placement Radial arterial line placement
Thoracentesis photo Ultrasound-guided thoracentesis training
chest tube placement Chest tube placement training
Paracentesis Ultrasound-guided paracentesis training
Endotracheal intubation Endotracheal intubation using direct laryngoscopy
Mechanical Ventilation Training in mechanical ventilation initiation, troubleshooting, and extubation
FAST Exam Focused Assessment Sonography Exam in Trauma
Adult Glidescope Intubation Glidescope intubation or video laryngoscopy
Airway management lab Airway management lab with the various options for airway management
Chest tube suturing Lab training how to suture in place a chest tube
king tube placement King tube placement as an rescue airway
LMA placement Laryngeal mask airway placement as an intermediate airway
Lumbar puncture Lumbar puncture training
Needle Decompression Needle decompression for tension pneumothorax
Pediatric Glidescope Photo Pediatric Glidescope intubation training
RUSH exam training Rapid Ultrasonography in Shock and Hypotension Exam course
Start-to-finish central line placement Start-to-finish central line placement training
subclavian line placement Subclavian central venous catheter placement training
Ultrasound-guided central line placement Ultrasound-guided central line placement training
UTZ-guided PIV Ultrasound-guided peripheral IV training
vascular access lab stations Vascular access training course
Vascular ultrasound lab Vascular ultrasound and vein cannulation training