Hospital Procedures Consultants

Our Hospitalist Procedures and Emergency Procedures Courses are ideal for all physicians and midlevel providers practicing hospital medicine, critical care, or emergency medicine. HPC conferences are accredited courses that provide 21 hours of combined CME Credit (11.5 Live and 9.5 Online) and qualifies for 16 hours of Trauma CME credit.

What Students Are Saying About Their HPC Education

"The HPC two-day course has been one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. The instructors are great teachers, resourceful, and approachable. The course itself is designed very well. They cover a lot of ground in two days and it’s not easy to fit all of the matter into two days, and still make sure we understand and grasp the topics well. It is made possible because of a very well-designed curriculum and a lot of hands-on training. The mannequins are high-quality. Practicing on them is as close as you can get to the real thing.

What’s most important is, that at the end of the course, I feel fully confident that I can go back to work and perform these procedures successfully in real-life situations. It’s totally worth the cost! This course is a must for anyone who wants to gain confidence in doing Emergency and Critical Care procedures."

- Varun Shetty, M.D., Mumbai, India

Latest News in Continuing Medical Education

Risks for Post-Dural Puncture Headaches after Lumbar Puncture

by Joseph Esherick, M.D., FAAFP

Patients' being in a seated position during the procedure showed a trend to increased frequency of headaches both immediately and 24 hours after puncture. Also, removal of CSF volumes above 30 mL increased the risk of immediate post-procedure headaches.