Hospital Procedure Consultants

Our Hospitalist Procedures and Emergency Procedures Courses are ideal for all physicians and midlevel providers practicing hospital medicine or emergency medicine. Our CME conferences provide as much hands-on ultrasound training as most ultrasound courses. HPC conferences are ACCME-accredited courses that provide 17 hours of CME Credit.


Why Choose HPC?

HPC is the ONLY company offering a COMPREHENSIVE Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures Course that includes ALL the following:

  1. We have THREE INSTRUCTORS at all of our comprehensive hospital procedures CME courses
  2. We are the creators and former lead instructors of the Hospitalist Procedures Course and the Emergency Procedures Course for the National Procedures Institute.
  3. We are full-time physicians practicing in the ER, ICU, and hospital wards
  4. We have over 15 years of national experience teaching hospital procedures.
  5. We have published books, an iPhone App, reference cards, and medical videos about Hospital Procedures.
  6. Every student receives FREE copies of the Tarascon Medical Procedures Pocketbook and an HPC Procedural Reference Card
  7. We use only advanced simulation manikins to best simulate performing these procedures on humans. We do NOT use animal cadavers.
  8. Our courses provide 4 hours of HANDS-ON ultrasound training in diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided procedures.
  9. Our courses include hands-on skills labs in arterial line placement, ultrasound-guided thoracentesis and paracentesis, and needle decompression which is often lacking in other courses.
  10. Our course teaches you not only how to do these procedures, but also how to use the information gained from these procedures for clinical management:  interpreting fluid analysis, hemodynamic monitoring, ultrasound guidance for hypotension management, and ventilator management
  11. Once our student always our student. We will forever be available to our students for any procedural question or problem.
  12. We provide you with a 2 GB USB Flash Drive preloaded with all of our lectures, video trailers, and procedure articles so you can always have our course at your fingertips in the hospital!
  13. Every student gets complimentary access to ALL 21 FULL-LENGTH PROCEDURAL VIDEOS for an entire week!

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San Francisco Conference

I could not have asked for a better location than San Francisco to take part in my very first Hospital Procedures Consultants Conference!

published: Apr 9, 2014

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