Paracentesis Course

Paracentesis is a procedure to aspirate ascitic fluid from the peritoneal cavity. A diagnostic paracentesis can be performed for to determine the etiology of ascites or a therapeutic paracentesis can be performed for symptomatic ascites.  The paracentesis course uses advanced ultrasound-compatible simulators and Caldwell needles to train clinicians how to perform an ultrasound-guided paracentesis.  This course also covers ascitic fluid analysis, the management of refractory ascites, diuretic-resistant ascites, and how to manage paracentesis complications.


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Paracentesis Video


Paracentesis Course trains students in:


  • Indications for a paracentesis
  • Contraindications for a paracentesis
  • Complications of a paracentesis
  • Equipment for a paracentesis
  • Proper positioning and technique for a paracentesis
  • Ultrasound-guided paracentesis
  • Paracentesis troubleshooting
  • Ascitic fluid analysis
  • Coding for a paracentesis

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