Paracentesis Course

Paracentesis is a procedure to aspirate ascitic fluid from the peritoneal cavity. A diagnostic paracentesis can be performed for to determine the etiology of ascites or a therapeutic paracentesis can be performed for symptomatic ascites.  The paracentesis course uses advanced ultrasound-compatible simulators and Caldwell needles to train clinicians how to perform an ultrasound-guided paracentesis.  This course also covers ascitic fluid analysis, the management of refractory ascites, diuretic-resistant ascites, and how to manage paracentesis complications.

Our paracentesis training is a component of our live Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures CME course which teaches clinicians how to perform the 20 most essential procedures needed to work in the ER, ICU, and hospital wards.

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Paracentesis Course

Paracentesis Lab Photos

Paracentesis Video

Paracentesis Video


Paracentesis Course trains students in:


  • Indications for a paracentesis
  • Contraindications for a paracentesis
  • Complications of a paracentesis
  • Equipment for a paracentesis
  • Proper positioning and technique for a paracentesis
  • Ultrasound-guided paracentesis
  • Paracentesis troubleshooting
  • Ascitic fluid analysis
  • Coding for a paracentesis

Paracentesis Photos

Paracentesis Reference Card

Paracentesis Reference Card

Paracentesis Reference Card

Paracentesis Blogs

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