Chicago Conference April 2017

by Hospital Procedures Consultants

Our Chicago conference at the James Hotel turned out to be a great success!  Beautiful weather brought out the natives, providing a warm welcome for our staff and attendees alike.  Spring in the city is such a beautiful season; its crisp, fresh air and boulevards full of blooms provided a festive undertone to its well-known architecture.  A walk down Michigan Avenue would be the perfect ice-breaker.

An alleyway of tradition leads to a contemporary world of culture.

The bust of Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable, the "Founder of Chicago,"  flanked by a backdrop of skyscrapers on the Chicago River, celebrates the very start of industry in this great city.

One of many magnificent drawbridges, downtown, under the watchful eye of the Sun-Times.  Perspective from any source can be an interesting read these days.

In keeping with tradition, our staff was invited to dinner on Saturday evening.  Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar would provide a wonderful experience that was enjoyed by all.  Thank you, HPC!

HospitalProceduresConsultants VIPs

The artful display of architecture resembles the nature that it cohabitates with. A beautiful example lies in the tiles of this building and the dappled, sunlit surface this young family of ducks serenely floats across.

Magnificent cohesion framed by a firm bank of stone.

In Chicago, there are so many wonderful opportunities to experience the old and the new.  On a walk to the Blue Line, one passes under an aging serpentine structure.

A shade of transportation of the past.

It was wonderful to visit the Windy City again!  We look forward to next years conference and hope you will join us!