Arterial Line Course

Arterial line placement is often necessary to monitor blood pressure in cases of septic shock and other causes of hypotension, hypertensive emergency and when frequent blood draws are required in intubated patients.  The arterial line placement course teaches clinicians how to place radial arterial lines, brachial arterial lines and femoral arterial lines.  Through hands-on practice using an advanced simulator, students will gain competence in arterial line insertion.


Arterial Line Placement Lab Photos

Arterial Line Video


Arterial Line Placement Course trains students in:


  • Indications for arterial catheter placement
  • Contraindications for arterial catheter placement
  • Complications of arterial catheter placement
  • Equipment for arterial catheter placement
  • Proper positioning and technique for arterial catheter placement
  • Arterial catheter troubleshooting
  • Coding for arterial catheter placement

Arterial Line Photos

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